About Us

Welcome to Charging At Home! My name is Nick and I’m going to explain why this site was started, our values and what we plan to do with the site moving forward.

Why I Started This Site

This site was set up because I was tired of the lack of detailed information I found regarding electric vehicles and more specifically, guides around charging at home.

After scouring the internet for hours and coming up empty-handed, I decided to give it a go myself.

As the proud owner of a MG ZS EV, (I felt semi-qualified!) I thought it only right to help other owners or potential buyers with general advice regarding charging, maintenance and electric vehicles as a whole.

If you’ve landed on the site, chances are, you either have one or are considering purchasing one.

Over the years electric cars have become more and more popular as the world looks to reduce pollution and switch over from petrol and diesel.

Many analysts predict by 2035 that 25% of new car sales globally will be electric. Just like the computer in the 90s, we reckon electric cars could have the same effect in the next 25 years.

That’s why we’re here to do a deep dive into the industry and provide fair impartial reviews and detailed advice about chargers and living with an electric vehicle.

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Our Values

Across the site, we try to provide these core values:

Honest & Accurate Information – All of our information is accurate at the time of writing and we will continue to try and update it as the market develops. 

Learning & Engaging – Continuing to learn and engage with visitors to the site, so we can grow this community together. 

Impartial Opinions – We will always aim to be fair in our assessment of products and advice and will give both pros and cons where we feel is necessary.

Moving Forward

As electric vehicles and chargers progress, so will this website.

We aim to keep up to date with the latest developments and try and provide detailed information for our readers so they can make informed decisions about the electric vehicle market. 

Whether your thinking about buying one or have one already, we want to make this site useful for everyone. 

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to reach out if you have any questions!