Can You Charge An Electric Car In The Rain

With any EV, it’s imperative that you are able to charge it when you need otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble and left with a flat battery.

No one wants that! 

But what happens if it’s pouring it down, can you charge an electric car in the rain? Is it safe to do so, how would you go about doing it, these are all questions we answer in this guide.

Let’s get the ball moving…

Can Electric Cars Be Charged In The Rain?

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The simple answer is yes, you can charge an electric car in the rain because the cables, charging points and adaptors are all designed to withstand all weather conditions. 

It’s actually no different to charging normally, the equipment is built to withstand the rain, so you can just plug your charger into your EV as usual. 

If the equipment hadn’t been designed to be waterproof, serious risks would be involved, such as an electric shock if water was to come into contact with the electrical components. It could also be a fire hazard, potentially creating sparks between the water and the electricity.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about any of these, the only one you have to be wary of is slipping over because of the wet surface and the wires around your legs. 

Safety Features in Electric Car Charging Systems

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter – This measures the electrical current flowing in the cable and shuts it off if it detects a ground fault, this will ultimately prevent an electric shock. 
  • Overcurrent protection – This limits the current flow to the EV, preventing any damage to the battery or charging system. 
  • Thermal management – Helps regulate the temperature of the charging unit to prevent overheating, which could cause a fire.
  • Disconnect switch  – Quite self-explanatory, but in the case of an emergency, the owner can disconnect the charging cable at the flick of a switch. 
  • Auto shut-off – When the battery is fully charged, this system will kick in and stop you from charging anymore to prevent overheating and damage to the lithium-ion battery. 


Charging Options

Home Charging

If you have a charging unit at home, this is extremely convenient and allows you to charge your EV in all weather conditions throughout the year. You still want to try and keep the charging unit in a dry area but with waterproof charging cables, you will have no issues charging daily. 

Public Charging Stations

Most public charging points are located at supermarkets, shopping centres and motorway services, but one thing they all have in common is that the charging ports are usually under some form of shelter. 

Also, some do have weather-resistant covers to protect the charging cable and port, which prevents any damage to either equipment or the customer.

Maintenance & Care For Electric Car Charging Systems

  • Clean the Unit – Regularly give the charging unit a once over with a cloth to ensure no dirt and debris have built up around it. Remove anything that may hinder your cable from going into the unit smoothly. 
  • Inspect the Cables – Check the charging cables every so often so there are no cuts, frayed wires or signs of damage. If you do notice damage, you will have to replace it. 
  • Charging Port – Take a good look at the charging port on your vehicle and ensure that it is free and clear. If any leaves or dirt have built up, remove them by hand or with a cloth.



We hope that helped answer the question. You can indeed charge your EV in the rain and the manufacturers have actually thought of it all long before releasing them to the public. It’s important that you still maintain your charging cables and EV port, don’t let them go weeks or even months without some care and maintenance. 

By doing this, you should be able to charge your vehicle in all weather conditions all year round. Obviously, if it’s extreme weather, the same rules may not apply, but it’s worth checking with your charger manufacturer if you are unsure.

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