Do Electric Cars Need An MOT

An MOT is needed for every conventional car.

But do electric cars need an MOT or can they go without?

In this article, we’ll look at what electric cars need an MOT test and what sort of prices you’ll be looking at.

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Does An Electric Vehicle Need An MOT And Maintenance?

Yes, an electric car does need an MOT test if it’s older than 3 years old. This is required by law and should be carried out every year by a qualified mechanic. If your car is under 3 years old then you don’t need an electric car MOT but it’s still good to get regular maintenance and checkups for your vehicle.

Electric vehicles don’t have as many moving parts as a normal car and therefore don’t require as much checking or servicing, as regularly.

What Happens To Vehicles That Need An Electric Car Service?

In this section, we’ll explain what happens during an electric car MOT and how the car servicing MOT test itself is very different for electric cars compared to regular ones.

Below is a basic breakdown of what an MOT test looks like for electric cars:

The EV is logged onto an official MOT system to prove it had one. There is no need for emission checks as electric cars don’t produce carbon emissions.

Every light is tested to make sure they’re working correctly on the electric car.

Safety features and other bits around the vehicle are then checked for any faults or potential damages. These include seatbelts, airbags, windscreen wipers, and windows for any chips or cracks.

All four tyres are checked to make sure they have the right pressure and the steering and suspension are also checked to ensure all is working accordingly.

The car is inspected for any rust forming, especially around the mounting points and brackets.

The vehicle is then put through a brake test to see if any mechanical faults with the vehicle are present. This is specifically looking at the discs and brake pads to see if they need repairing or replacing.

Lastly, one of the most important checks is the health of the electrical system which includes the battery and electric motor. Both need to be checked thoroughly to ensure they’re working safely.

Where Can I Get An MOT For My Electric Car?

You can get an electric car MOT either at your local garage or at a dealership. It’s entirely up to you, most people normally get a local garage to do an MOT for them but it’s a personal preference.

If you have the car on a lease, make sure you get the mechanic to stamp the service log book every time work is done, this shows the leasing company that you have had regular maintenance and stuck to the manufactures servicing schedule.

How Much Does An Electric Car MOT Cost?

An electric car MOT is about the same price as a regular car MOT. On average an electric car MOT costs about £50 to have electric car MOTS but you will be able to find this cheaper if you ring around your local garages.

It’s a legal requirement once your electric vehicle is older than three years old to have an MOT, so make sure you keep an annual reminder as some people do tend to forget.

Do Electric Cars Need Regular Maintenance?

Similar to all vehicles, you should get your car serviced to test the tyres, brakes, battery, lights and have a look at the body condition every few months to make sure everything is in working order. You need to look and make sure the wheel spins freely, the car’s on board sensors are working properly and the tyre pressure monitoring systems are working in good order.

Between annual MOTS and electric car service, there are plenty of ways to maintain your vehicle which might mean you won’t get a fail on the next electric car MOT.

Regular maintenance long before an MOT is due is a good habit to get into as it means you can always keep your vehicles in great condition and often spread costs out throughout the year, rather than getting hit with a big one if it fails an electric car MOT.

Maintenance Tips For Your Electric Cars

Keeping electric vehicles well maintained is a sure way to reduce hefty bulls when it comes to an electric car MOT.

Below, we are going to show you some great maintenance tips you can implement on electric vehicles before the MOT:


Keeping your tyres in excellent condition is vital and they actually need to be checked more regularly than petrol and diesel cars as an electric vehicle is considerably heavier, which then wears the tyres down quicker when travelling. The reason it’s heavier than diesel vehicles is due to the battery and electric motor, so keeping an eye on tread depth, air pressure and overall condition should be something you do every couple of months.


Many people prefer to use fast charging as it speeds up the process of charging your electric vehicle considerably, but what people forget is that is causes your battery to lose some of its ability to hold a charge over time if you always use a fast charging station. You are better off using a 7kW charger at home or at one of the public stations and although this will take longer, it doesn’t cause cell degradation.


Check all the lights on your vehicle regularly to make sure they don’t need charging, this includes, headlights, brake lights, indicators and reverse lights. You can also check the electrical system in the car that make up the vehicle in its entirety and that all is working accordingly.

Last Word

We hope this helped answer the question does an EV need MOT tests. Even though this type of vehicle doesn’t have as many moving parts such as an internal combustion engine which would then require an emissions test like a petrol or diesel car, it’s still vital that your car is regularly maintained and checked every few months.

The annual MOT test is required after the car is over 3 years old and can be carried out by any approved dealership or a qualified mechanic. Ring around and see who can fit you in for an MOT test when it’s needed and who offers the best price, the average is usually about £50.
If there are any issues with your car, then you will have to pay additional costs to get it fixed.

For help with your EV, see all of the questions we often get asked regarding your car.

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