A lot of people are switching from internal combustion engine vehicles to EVs in order to save money and the planet. But just how much can you save and what sort of price can you expect to pay when going on a long-distance journey?

Below we have put together a simple but effective tool for calculating the approximate costs of travelling by your electric vehicle. 

Take a look at example that we have used before testing the tool yourself:

  • Distance – 150 miles
  • Electricity Price – 0.35
  • Energy Consumption – 4


Total Cost –  £13.13

Why Calculate The Cost

Whether you are thinking about investing in an EV or currently own one, it’s important you know what sort of costs you will be facing. By filling in our journey cost calculator you can get an accurate estimate of what sort of costs you will incur depending on your miles covered, the cost of electricity and energy consumption.

This will allow you to compare it to a petrol and diesel vehicle and see how it stacks up. If you travel long distances daily, are you better off with an internal combustion engine, or are you someone who hardly uses the car at all and would benefit from an EV. 

Let us know how you get on and whether the tool was useful for you.

See our EV tools page if you want to test our other useful calculator. 

Picture of Nick

Nick is the proud owner of a MG ZS EV and is an EV fanatic. He has been featured in notable publications like USA Today and The Times for his expertise in the field.